Who’s That Girl?

Steven Andrade as Cher and Ashley Hulek

There’s a new blonde kicking up her heels on stage with the stars of Believe– Divas In A Man’s World! Join us in welcoming Ashley Hulek to our stage. She replaces Christina Myers who had been part of our cast since opening day almost a year ago. Christina left us in February to take her career to the seven seas (if you’re ever on a cruise to Hawaii or Alaska, you just might see her familiar face on stage). In no time at all Ashley fit right in and she can be seen nightly up on the stage busting out the moves accompanying  Steven Andrade as ‘Cher’, Eddie Summers as ‘Patti LaBelle’, Frank Moore as’Prince’ and the rest of the spectacular cast. Welcome Ashley!

Believe– Divas In A Man’s World is playing now in the historic Screening Room theater on the 13th floor of Resorts Casino Hotel. Show times and tickets right here.

Dennis Gomes 1944 – 2012

Dennis Gomes and Producer Steven Andrade

It was with shock and sadness that we learned of the passing of our dear friend Dennis Gomes, CEO of Resorts Casino Hotel. He is the reason our show at Resorts exists and his untimely death has affected all who knew him from Las Vegas to Atlantic City.

It was only a little over a year ago that producer Steven Andrade first met Dennis and discussed with him the concept for the show that became Believe– Divas In A Man’s World. Dennis instantly loved the idea and threw all of his support behind our production. His pride in our show helped make it the success it is and many was the night we would see his smiling face in the back of the theater cheering us on. His enthusiasm was genuine and contagious. It is difficult and sad for all of us, the entire cast and crew– indeed any who were blessed to know Dennis– to imagine Resorts without him. We have lost a true friend and extraordinary individual.

The show goes on– Dennis would have wanted and expected nothing less. Thank you for everything Dennis. We shall miss you. You are forever in our hearts.

Recipe For Fun: A Little Bit Of Glitz, A Pinch Of Glamor And A Whole Boatload Of Dazzle!

The days are getting longer but we’ve still got a way to go until spring. Spend a night with the cast of Believe– Divas In A Man’s World and you’ll add enough sparkle to your life to last a good long time! From the moment Joan Rivers hits the stage to Cher’s grand finale, the fun and excitement just doesn’t end. Here’s a preview of the show everyone’s been talking about:

Believe– Divas In A Man’s World is on stage and playing now in the historic Screening Room theater on the 13th floor of Resorts Casino Hotel– show dates and times here.

Our New Look!

We’ve been working hard to make our show the absolute best it can be! We’re excited to introduce our new look for promotional materials and you’re the first to see it right here:

The cast of Divas In A Man's WorldSame amazing cast:
Steven Andrade as Cher
Gary Dee as Joan Rivers
Jason CoZmo as Dolly Parton
Eddie Summers as Patti LaBelle
Phyl Craig as Liza Minnelli
Frank Moore as Prince

See them all on the 13th floor of Resorts Casino Hotel in the historic Screening Room theater. Show times here.


Out & About in Atlantic City

The skies may have been grey with snow swirling about but the stars were shining in Atlantic City this past weekend! In town for a series of special events were Ryan Nickulas  and TJ Kelly from Logo’s The A-List, famed disco chanteuse Martha Wash and that irrepressible bon-vivant of style, Carson Kressley.

Here is Believe– Divas In A Man’s World’s very own Steven Andrade as Cher after the show with Carson Kressley. Carson, the star of his new show on OWN, Carson Nation, is known for his years of sartorial advice on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. This was also a sneak-preview of our show’s newest costume– an over-the-top creation designed by Steven Andrade whose inspiration came in part from recalling a Bob Mackie gown Cher wore to the 1986 Oscars. Steven along with the show’s legendary costume designer Shek put in untold days in order to complete this dazzling gown and headpiece in time for the weekend’s events. The headpiece alone took over a week to create and required Steven to individually place over 600 feathers! All agreed the effort resulted in a spectacular preview of the unbelievable costumes that make Believe- Divas In A Man’s World the most amazing show in town.

Look for this newest costume to make it’s stage debut sometime soon! Believe– Divas In A Man’s World is currently on stage in Resort’s historic Screening Room theater; dates, times and tickets here.

We’re Back On Stage!

As you know, the cast and crew took some time off for some well deserved R&R. Beginning this Thursday at 9 p.m. the entire cast is back on stage at Resorts– bigger, brighter and sparklier than ever! The incomparable Gary Dee as Joan Rivers sets the tone for a night of unforgettable fun followed by the rest of the Swarovski-bedazzled cast of divas: Jason CoZmo as Dolly Parton, Eddie Summers as Patti LaBelle, Phyl Craig as Liza, Steven Andrade as Cher and Frank Moore as Prince.

In anticipation of our return, Vincent Jackson of the Press Of Atlantic City wrote a terrific article about Believe– Divas In A Man’s World and it’s continued success at Resorts Casino Hotel. Thanks Vincent, for the kind words and we couldn’t be happier for all the support we’ve received from our friends and fans!

Believe– Divas In A Man’s World lights up the stage of the Screening Room theater on the 13th floor of Resorts Casino Hotel.  For tickets and show times, visit the Resorts box office.

2012 cast of Believe– Divas In A Man's World


2011– A Look Back

2011 was a fantastic year for Believe–Divas In A Man’s World. We’ve had a great first year at Resorts and have had so many amazing audiences these past months! Many of these fans have become our friends and we’re grateful for that. If you recall, Mother Nature threw a few hurdles our way, an earthquake AND hurricane Irene in August (we closed for that weekend) and a snowstorm in October! Still, the show went on and audiences filled the seats.

Thanks to our fantastic cast and crew, and to everybody that plays a part in helping to make Believe–Divas In A Man’s World the success it is– from the ticket office to the maître d’s– but most of all, to you, our audience. And very special thanks to Dennis Gomes, Sherry Amos and Stephanie Nielson for having faith in us and making us an integral part of Resorts Casino Hotel.

Our New Year’s eve show is fast approaching so how about some reminiscing? For those who missed it, here’s a look back at our ‘spooktacular’ Halloween show. Happy 2012 and plan a visit now to come see us at Resorts– lot’s of great surprises coming this next year to Believe–Divas In A Man’s World!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the entire cast and crew of Believe– Divas In A Man’s World. We’re taking off to spend time with our families but we’ll be back at Resorts in time for New Year’s. Our next show is Monday night, December 26, at 8pm. Until then, enjoy this preview: