Hail The Queen Of All Divas!

Cleopatra's sarcophagus on stageCleopatra on stageSteven Andrade on stage as Cleopatra– queen of ancient Egypt

To find the newest star for our opening act producer Steven Andrade had to travel through centuries to ancient Egypt. From the storied land of pyramids and pharos he is thrilled to bring back to life the most legendary diva of all time- Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt! Sealed for millennia in her magnificent solid gold sarcophagus she emerges on stage to reclaim her title as history’s ultimate diva. Wearing a dazzling gold gown brighter than the sun and a Swarovski crystal studded headpiece that took weeks to create– Steven Andrade as Cleopatra takes Believe– Divas In A Man’s World to a whole new level. Atlantic City’s most spectacular opening act is just the beginning of night filled with the legendary divas you’ve come to love: Gary Dee as ‘Joan Rivers’, Eddie Summers as ‘Patti LaBelle’, Phyl Craig as ‘Liza Minnelli’, Steven Andrade as ‘Cher’, Frank Moore as ‘Prince’ and Jason CoZmo as ‘Dolly Parton’. See it all for yourself nightly in the Screening Room theater on the 13th floor of Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City.

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