1 Year Ago– A Look Back

Stage of the historic Screening Room theater 1 year agoEmpty Believe– Divas In A Man's World dressing room With our May 5th 1-year anniversary fast approaching, we’re taking a look back. The top picture is of the historic Screening Room theater on the 13th floor of Resorts Casino Hotel just weeks before our show opened. You’ll notice the video screen and lighting hadn’t yet arrived and what looked like total chaos would soon become the set for Believe– Divas In A Man’s World. The talented and seasoned tech crew at Resorts is second to none.

The bottom picture is of of the show’s director of marketing, Kinley Borden standing in an empty dressing room a month before the show’s premiere. That room is shared by Steven Andrade (‘Cher) and Gary Dee (‘Joan Rivers’) and is filled top-to-bottom with the countless costumes, shoes, wigs and all the makeup needed to make the show one of Atlantic City’s most successful.

We can hardly believe our 1-year anniversary at Resorts is just a week away. Lot’s of changes are in store making Believe– Divas In A Man’s World even more exciting! Our new opening act will feature the ultimate legendary Diva– so amazing we daren’t mention her name aloud. May 5th, 2012 is our 1-year anniversary and our fabulous crew and extraordinary cast is working around the clock to make our show the best yet! As always, we’re on the 13th floor of Resorts Casino Hotel in the historic Screening Room theater. Show times and tickets here.