It’s Coming…

First Billboard For Believe– Divas In A Man's World

Where were you 1 year ago? If you were strolling along the boardwalk in front of Resorts Casino Hotel this is what you saw. A billboard featuring a show that few had heard of set to open May 5th. 1 year ago, producer, creative director (and ‘Cher’) Steven Andrade was working 24-hours a day racing to get everything ready for the show’s premiere. Backstage was crazy, the cast and crew working at fever-pitch to get the lighting, music, costumes and props in order. Frank Moore, the show’s choreographer (and ‘Prince’) was testing out and perfecting everybody’s moves.

Flash forward to today and we’re proud and honored to be approaching our 1-year anniversary at Resorts! And it’s all thanks to you– our many friends and fans that have made our show the success it is. What was originally set to run for just 12 weeks has turned into a year and we couldn’t be happier! Mark your calendars for May 5th and plan to attend our special anniversary show. Lot’s of surprises that night, new costumes and routines. And plan on meeting the mother of all Divas– so legendary (and we mean LEGENDARY) we don’t dare spoil the big surprise. May 5th is our 1-year anniversary and the beginning of a whole new era. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Catch the entire cast of amazing divas high atop Resorts Casino Hotel on the 13th floor in the historic Screening Room theater. Tickets and showtimes here.