They’re Here!

Programs from Believe– Divas In A Man's World
You’ve asked for them and we’ve got them. Our newly redesigned programs rolled in today– hot off the presses! 12 pages filled with gorgeous pictures (most taken by the show’s producer– and ‘Cher’– Steven Andrade). Inside you’ll read all sorts of fun facts about the fabulous entertainers. For instance, which of our stars appeared in Scary Movie? (Hint: Check out page 3). And which ’Diva’ appeared on Celebrity Apprentice? (Hint: Find out on page 2). Programs are available post-show where it’s become a tradition to ‘walk the line’ and have each ’Diva’ autograph their page for you. Best of all, these high quality keepsakes are designed, produced and printed right here in the good ol’ USA! The perfect souvenir for remembering your night out with the ‘Divas’.

You can catch Believe– Divas In A Man’s World nightly in the Screening Room theater on the 13th floor of Resorts Casino Hotel. Show times and tickets here.